Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leslie's Big Day

Our dearest friend Leslie and her sister Karrie went thru the temple for the first time. We all traveled down to Safford for the big day. We had been down with the whole family two weeks earlier for the temple tour but now we got to go in after it was dedicated. What a difference in the Spirit!

Leslie and her posse! Donelle was getting pulled in front of Alene hence the weird pose and face. Sorry Donelle but this was my only shot of us girls. Leslie then got to pose with Randy and Cole, some of her favorite men besides her dad! The night be fore Leslie, Alene, Jenn, Cole, and I went out to eat at steak house. Cole ordered the 24oz. porterhouse as the 23oz. was the "princess cut" he said. I'm glad to say he could not finish it. We had a great time in Safford with everyone and we love you Les and are so proud of you!

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dezertgirlaz said...

I am so glad you guys came down! It meant so much to have you all there especially representing "The Gardner side!" I'm glad that I look like a sped in the pic with the guys! Thanks again for all you did for me! Especially with the garment Nazi @ the distribution center! Good grief!