Saturday, June 30, 2012

So I guess I haven't blogged awhile, almost 2 years! So much has happen to our family in that time. I have made a goal to catch up before the end of this summer. Thanks Alene for the kick in the butt to start this up again.

Mesa Verde 2

Posted by PicasaHere is our special tour of the rockside settlements in Mesa Verde. So worth the extra money to tour this. Cole and I could not do this now, 2 years later....we would not fit thru that tunnel on the 3 picture! The kids laughed when we got stuck back then.

Mesa Verde 1

Posted by PicasaWe decided to take the kids to Mesa Verde while we were in Colorado in July of 2010. We had never been and it was an amazing experience for us as a family. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pink's Hot Dogs

On our 1st day of our fall break vacation
we decided to stop first at Pink's to see what all
the hype was about. We were excited and waited
in line for 30 mins. Out of the 9 of us only 1 enjoyed
their hot dog. It seems Pink's is all hype. We are
Ted's Hot Dog fans all the way!!!

This says it all!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Colorado Fun

Ryan and Erik got pocketknives while we were in Colorado. Oh my did they think they were grown up! Right away they started whittling branches and no one lost a finger. We also helped Nana and Pop pop clean up a grove of scrub oak into a thing of beauty and they boys got to use the wood chipper. Scary but effective!
It is so beautiful and peaceful up there. It rained off and on and we had such a great relaxing time. Now I want to go back!!Posted by Picasa

Merit Badge Time

Nick and Trevor worked on Scout merit badges even while we were on vacation. Nana and Pop pops' neighbors raise horses and board them for a living. Marcie was kind enough to teach the boys how to saddle and properly ride a horse among other things. She has let the boys ride before but this was more hands on. They even tried to talk me into buying a pony she had. I fall for puppies but ponies are another thing!

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July 4th in Colorado

We did our annual 4th of July trip to the cabin this year. We had 2 newbies this year with us. Dash and Dodge did great on the ride up and kept the boys entertained.

We spent time shooting cans with arrows, guns, and even a sling shot.

Nana drove the kiddos around in her new wagon and Cole taught Erik to shoot the gun.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Nick's Baby

Well it's official. We are crazy. I know many of you who
have known that for a long time but now it's in print. We now have 3 dogs. All boys of course. The newest member is Dodge a Shiz-shu. We got him the first of May.The story is Cole and Nick went home teaching where there were puppies and within a day Nick had a deposit down on one. I was not excited because my puppy Dash was only 6 months old at the time but Dash and I love that little guy.

Here he is with Ryan. Dodge is super mellow. They hold him like a baby all the time.

And here he is now. Love that mushy face!
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quinns Cabin

After going to the temple with Leslie and the gang we travel ALL the way up Mt. Graham to see the ledgendary Quinn Cabin. Donelle drove Jason's car and told me all there was to know on the way up. Randy was with Cole and the kids in the Yukon.
We got to stay up there for an hour or so and see all the other cabins.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leslie's Big Day

Our dearest friend Leslie and her sister Karrie went thru the temple for the first time. We all traveled down to Safford for the big day. We had been down with the whole family two weeks earlier for the temple tour but now we got to go in after it was dedicated. What a difference in the Spirit!

Leslie and her posse! Donelle was getting pulled in front of Alene hence the weird pose and face. Sorry Donelle but this was my only shot of us girls. Leslie then got to pose with Randy and Cole, some of her favorite men besides her dad! The night be fore Leslie, Alene, Jenn, Cole, and I went out to eat at steak house. Cole ordered the 24oz. porterhouse as the 23oz. was the "princess cut" he said. I'm glad to say he could not finish it. We had a great time in Safford with everyone and we love you Les and are so proud of you!

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